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Please feel free to contact Pierre or Ellen at addresses below. You may donate via GoFundMe or mail a check to postal address below. AAOOL, Inc. is a fully recognized 501(c)3 nonprofit and all gifts are tax-deductible.

Pierre Nzuah, Founder
Ellen Rocco, President
Laurie Willow, Treasurer
Jacob Rotundo, Secretary

This is a family-run foundation. Ellen and buy essays Laurie are Pierre’s American mothers; Jacob is Pierre’s American brother.

Bill's Graduation

Pierre attended the posthumous graduation and recognition ceremony for Bill Knoble, Pierre’s American “father,” pictured here with friends and family including “moms” Laurie Willow and Ellen Rocco, and Pierre’s  American brother, Jacob Rotundo (second from right, rear).

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Against All Odds contact information:
811 Maple Ridge Road, Richville NY 13681
Phone: 315-347-3456

You may email Ellen at ellen@ncpr.org, or Pierre slader.com at nzuahp@yahoo.com for more information.